HOLAAA GUYSSSS!!!! I am very excited to write down my thoughts about something i love the most doing when i sit alone or when its something to try out different dishes at home…

Since this is my first blog I would like to tell you that cooking is not just mixing up all the ingredients into one pan and ultimately dumping it in ur stomach at the end of the day!!…blahh blahh!!!!

Cooking is all about creative thinking that comes in to your mind with different ingredients that available in your fridge and most importantly to play with those ingredients so well that you end up making a delicious finger licking dishes…Cooking as well as Eating for me atleast motivates to me to think creative looking at various colours of the vegies and fruits..

Having said soo much on cooking and eating various cuisines…i would like to end up saying that guyss keep eating eating without thinking about weight gain(specially girls) and keep loving food…

Looking forward to your response…


6 thoughts on “IT’S ALL ABOUT “FOOD”

  1. M glad that u have started working on ur passion apart frm the outside world which we all are working onn, on the opp. Side of not lykin our own work.
    keep it up molu…


  2. Well correctly said n written yess its ol abt food… We live n work fr food… Fr sum its just food bt fr sum its dr passion n m glad u chose ur passion n took it to d world…. Keeep rocking gaaaalll.. Waiting fr ur next


  3. To achieve something u need to began with something , I am happy for you that u choose your passion to explore yourself and a good start will definitely bring positive results in future ,so All the best…………….


  4. To achieve something you need to start with something, I am happy for you that you choose your passion to explore yourself and a good start will definitely bring positive rresults in future , so All the Best………


  5. Hey really happy u chose ur passion to spread something lovely which u already love!! Apt to the saying “a way to a person’s heart is through his stomach”….Wish u all the success darling


  6. Synonym to “ITS ALL ABOUT FOOD” is “ITS ALL ABOUT SNEHA” I am glad Sneha you are exploring yourself !!nice article way to go!!


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